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2018-08-30 23:06

Today we are launching our idea.

This is a work in progress and much much more has yet to come, but we are very very excited by this and wanted to share it with all of you.

What is this idea? An intelligence platform, we think this is the most accurate definition of what we have in mind.

A strong human presence, both to monitor the data and validate it, is a must for the security specialist who require only very accurate information.

Have the right information in the right place, put data into context and use it for the correct purposes, not always an easy job.

Staying in sync with the newest attack and attackers, a difficult mission that requires a lot of effort.

Getting more information, starting from a single point of data, requires knowledge, expertise, often scripting skills, and lots of time.

We have come up against all of this, and we aim to fill these gaps by providing our idea of an intelligence platform.

Currently working on the portal to query our data.

Keep monitored this blog for our news!