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The portal is ready!

2019-01-15 20:05

We are working on this project for passion, putting much effort on it, but always not enough as we would like to.

And because of this every step forward is a great step for us.

We are extremely happy to announce that today our platform is ready to be released, in its first “beta” version :)

Using this portal, you can start to interact with our data set.

We provide 3 possibilities now:

First you can easily search for an IP address and get all the occurrences we have found.

We won't show you the single attempts, but only what we recognize as events: an attacker tried to do something.

To every event we are applying tags to give some information about it.

The number of these tags is growing, for any information or suggestion please contact us!

Here you can download our feeds in daily files, very simple.

The file will contain the complete list of events detected for that day.

Here we are not providing the enrichment tags, for that you will need to wait for some other functionalities (eg api).

This page will show you some statistics and information extracted live from our data set.

Our awesome charts will give you an idea of how thing are going, maybe some ideas? as always contact us ;)


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