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Some news from UA

2019-02-26 21:03

With the purpose of creating a more interesting and useful platform, we are bringing new features every time we can. This time we focus on some news which we hope you will find interesting. Maybe you already noticed it in the upper bar of the website, here we describe them.


First of all, we are on Github!

We created an organization to put all the free software we'll release. This includes tools and scripts that we create both to use UA's features and for other uses such as analysis. For now the website and the engine we are building will remain private. We believe in the community and its power and we hope to make this place grow much!


Second one, we have already released a tool on Github.

This is a Python module to use our API. You can use it both as a cli tool or import it into your own project, we plan to release it on pypi soon. You can find all the information on how to use it in the repo.



Last but not the least, we are on Telegram!

Following the link you can join our channel, here we will update all the news (such as this) and nothing else, it means very little noise. What are you waiting to join? ;)