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What is UnderAttack?

UnderAttack is a project, made with love, for cyber security community.
Discover a new free cyber security intelligence platform: effective, contextualized and frequently updated.
A tool designed to detect and analyze new threats, with very vertical insights to help you understand what's going on.
Behind all of this there are humans that will always validate and analyze the information, besides working on the enrichment engine to make it more and more effective.
We endeavour very hard to make both the platform and the information provided easy fruible to everyone, anyway we are very open to suggestions, don't be shy and contact us!
We aim to be an ace in your deck, keep an eye on us ;)

Who is behind?

The idea was born and developed from two guys, passionate all of IT Security fields, with elevated knowledge of cyber attacks, malware and botnets

Matteo Neri
Security Analyst
Mišo Mijatović
Security DevOps